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Motorbike Accident Claim                                        

Alpha Claims & Hire offer the most supportive and hassle-free way of making a motorcycle accident claim for compensation.

If you need to make a no win no fee traffic accident claim, give us a call. We specialise in helping clients to make road traffic accident claims and trying to help get the highest level of compensation possible for you and your family.

Common motorcycle accident injury claims include for:

  • Sprains
  • Lacerations
  • Whiplash
  • Minor fractures
  • Brain damage
  • Spinal trauma
  • Death 

Your dedicated claims handler will guide you through the forms you need to complete so you can make a motorbike accident claim and we’ll keep you updated on how your case is progressing. We do all the legwork so you don’t have to.

Alpha Claims & Hire offer a free consultation, free advice and we never charge you fees for helping you make a motorcycle accident compensation claim (even if you lose). You receive 100% of your compensation, every time.

If you (or a family member) have been injured in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, call Alpha Claims & Hire now. We can assess whether your claim has a chance of being successful and advise you on what steps to take next. 

You can also contact one of our advisers by clicking here and we get back to you.

Had A Motorbike Accident? Claim Today!

Motorbike accidents vary in severity and the impact they have on your life and those of your family. A claim for injury compensation via Alpha Claims & Hire can have a positive impact during a difficult time.

According to government statistics, motorcyclists and pillion passengers are most at risk of being killed or seriously injured by car drivers. While some injuries are minor, other result in long term need for care or compensation for loss of a beloved family member.

When you make your no win, no fee traffic accident claim through Alpha Claims & Hire, it won’t cost you anything (even if you do not receive compensation). In addition, you will keep 100% of your compensation. Our fees are paid by the other party. 

If your life has been affected by a motorcycle accident start your claim today with Alpha Claims & Hire.

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