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Eye Injury Claim                                                          

eye injury imageAlpha Claims & Hire deal with loss of sight and eye injury compensation claims on a No Win No Fee basis.

We can provide you with free, expert legal advice about claiming compensation for eye injuries caused by the fault of another person, or by the negligence of an employer.

For a free consultation call Alpha Claims & Hire on 0121 327 0382 or start your claim online.

Alpha Claims & Hire can provide you with immediate legal representation and arrange for medical treatments and rehabilitation support to be provided anywhere in England, Scotland & Wales.

If your loss of sight, whether temporary or permanent, was due to an eye injury at work; we can provide you with a Personal Injury Solicitors that specialises in Employer’s Liability Insurance claims.

If one or both eyes were injured during laser eye surgery or during a cosmetic surgery procedure, we can provide you with a Personal Injury Solicitors that specialises in Clinical & Medical Negligence claims. These claims include failure by a health care professional to diagnose cataracts or to treat glaucoma; and injury to eyes or tear ducts during eye treatment.

How to Claim Compensation for Eye Injuries

Provide us with the details about how the loss of sight or eye injury happened. We will ask you where, when and how the eye injury occurred; and if there were any witnesses to the accident. When we have the details, a Personal Injury Solicitor will review your case on a No Win No Fee basis; then we can tell you how successful your claim is expected to be.

Not sure if you can claim compensation? Be assured that laws exist to protect you no matter where the eye injury took place. You can also claim if you think that you may have been partly at fault.

Compensation for Eye Injuries at Work

The law rules to protect people from accidents at work, and the law also recognises that workplace accidents are common. You are entitled to compensation if you can prove that the accident at work was partly or completely someone else’s fault.

Employers are not allowed to dismiss you or to treat you unfairly for claiming compensation for an eye injury at work. Businesses are required by law to have Employers’ Liability Insurance to cover work accidents; so it’s an insurance company that would pay your compensation, and not your employer.

Call Alpha Claims & Hire for a free consultation on 0121 327 0382 or start your claim online.

Phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Claims Direct is one of the largest personal injury claims management companies in the UK, with specialist Personal Injury Lawyers in England and Wales.

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