Alpha Claims and hire

PCO Plated Taxis New Fleet

Like For Like Vehicle Replacement

We can offer you a like for like credit hire car in birmingham to keep you undisturbed.

No Upfront Costs

There are no costs towards yourself, no rental or deposits are to be paid to us. This means you can get your credit hire replacement car without any trouble. 

No Hire Costs

We can provide you with a credit hire vehicle which can replace your damaged car, the bill will get sent to third party insurance so you don’t have to pay.

Service/Maintenance Inlcluded

Whilst you have the vehicle we provide you with any maintenance and servicing that may be required so the cars always run in top shape.

Industry Experience

Large Fleet Of Vehicles

Nationwide Coverage

Management of Claims

Who Are We?

Alpha Claims & Hire is the leading credit hire company in the UK. We can provide credit hire birmingham like for like replacement cars across the UK. Ranging from 7 seaters, PCO taxis and prestige cars. With over 10 years of industry experience in credit hire birmingham claims, you can be sure that you are getting a seamless service from when your car is hit and until your claim is finished.

We at Alpha Claims & Hire always put our clients’ first with highest possible level of service. We can manage your claim, negotiate with any insurance company and give you advice regarding the best thing to do and get your back on the road with your own vehicle as soon as possible.

According to U.K law; the driver who was not at fault in the accident can be compensated for any credit hire birmingham vehicle services. So you as a client will not be stuck with the bill as the bill will be sent to the 3rd party. This means the cost of offering you a vehicle is free as the party at fault will be sent the invoice for the hire.