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Disaster Claim                                                             

If you were injured in a major disaster Alpha Claims & Hire can help you starting with a free consultation.

We can help you to know if you can claim compensation, and if your claim is expected to succeed. 

98% of the accident and injury claims we deal with are are funded by a No Win No Fee agreement.

For a free consultation call Alpha Claims & Hire on 0121 327 0382 or start your claim online.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors & Litigation Lawyers represented victims in compensation claims after the Kings Cross fire, the Clapham rail crash & the World Trade Centre disaster. We are highly experienced in helping individuals and relatives of people seriously and fatally injured in major accidents that were not their fault.

In many cases motorway pile-ups, air and rail disasters have devastating and tragic consequences.  
In some claims it can be difficult to prove who was responsible for the accident, so you need to know that you have a team of specialist Personal Injury Lawyers fighting for your legal rights.

Our No Win No Fee Solicitors have helped thousands of people to get tens of millions of pounds in compensation for personal injuries. If you or a loved one were injured in a major disaster call our Personal Injury Solicitors for a free consultation about getting compensation and rehabilitation support.

Call Alpha Claims & Hire for a free consultation on 0121 327 0382  or claim online.

Group Litigation Legal Actions

We can also support you if you have a group legal action claim. This is when a number of people join together to bring compensation claims for the same event or similar circumstances. We have a team of Litigation Lawyers that are experts in representing individuals, Trade Unions and other organisations in group legal action compensation claims.

Help is just one  call away. Call us on 0121 327 0382 or claim compensation online.

Phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alpha Claims & Hire is one of the largest personal injury claims management companies in the UK, with specialist Personal Injury Lawyers in England, Scotland and Wales.


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