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Late Diagnosis of Cancer Claim                              

Late cancer diagnosis imageA cancer diagnosis is devastating news for both the cancer sufferer and their family. Finding out that this diagnosis could have been made earlier and any suffering could have been reduced of prevented altogether is inexcusable. Alpha Claims & Hire deal with late diagnosis of cancer claims on a No Win No Fee basis.

For a free consultation with a specialist Medical Negligence Lawyer call freephone 0121 327 0382 or request a call back online.

Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

Early diagnosis of many types of cancer can mean that treatment is much more effective and mortality rates are lower. Failure to diagnose cancer in time can significantly reduce someone’s life expectancy.

We can visit you at home or in hospital if your claim passes our initial screening process. Our Medical Negligence Lawyers can provide immediate legal representation anywhere in the UK and can arrange for rehabilitation support to be provided as soon as possible.

Alpha Claims & Hire deal with all types of late diagnosis of cancer claims including Adenocarcinoma, Lymphoma (Lymph Cancer), Melanoma (Skin Cancer), Carcinoma and claims for the delayed diagnosis of other cancers including Breast Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Cervical Cancer and Lung Cancer.

For a free consultation call Alpha Claims & Hire on freephone 0121 327 0382 or start your claim online.

Phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alpha Claims & Hire is one of the largest personal injury claims management companies in the UK, with specialist Personal Injury Lawyers in England, Scotland and Wales.

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